Current Projects

Designed by GBD Architects, Landing Drive is a six-story, 166-unit apartment building that will be located in Portland’s South Waterfront District. Featured amenities will include a roof deck space and a large courtyard with gardens, outdoor kitchen area, fire table, and a water feature. A main project goal is to provide a functional & pleasant pedestrian experience. A private pedestrian path, flanked by lush native plantings, will connect SW Macadam Avenue and SW Landing Drive. The project will be located fewer than 400′ from the Willamette River and the adjacent Greenway Trail.

This project, designed by SERA Architects, will offer luxury urban living in Portland’s booming Pearl District. Sustainability has been a driving force for the design- a green roof helps to insulate the building while diverting storm water to rain gardens in the ground-level courtyard. Permeable pavers will also be used throughout the site to mitigate urban storm runoff. The lushly-planted central courtyard features a myriad of plant textures, colors, and fragrances year-round. On the roof deck, residents will be able to relax by a fire, barbeque, or take a dip in the spa- all while enjoying beautiful views of the city.

Riverscape Lot 1, designed by SERA Architects, will add modern urban living space at the edge of Portland’s lively Pearl District. The new complex is ideally situated on the Willamette River. Pedestrian access to the adjacent Greenway walk/bike path is a key feature of the landscape design. Other outdoor amenities will include a roof terrace with comfy seating, movie screen, and fire table. Lush gardens, mostly composed of native plants, will be installed throughout the property.

Riverscape Lot 8 provides more luxury urban housing options near Portland’s bustling Pearl District. The Greenway-adjacent location ensures that residents always have a beautiful outdoor place to play.  The lushly planted private patios & central courtyard will offer even more outdoor living space for residents. This project is being completed in conjunction with SERA Architects.

The Innovare Health Services building; located in Roseburg, Oregon; is being designed by TVA Architects.

Located a stone’s throw from Portland’s South Waterfront District, the new Macadam Apartments will feature modern urban living in a natural, river-front setting. The landscape design here focuses on deepening the connection between urban environment and native river habitats in a pedestrian-friendly environment. The addition of roof gardens will also ensure ample outdoor living space with beautiful river views. Macadam Apartments building design by SERA Architects.

Murphy Plywood
For this new 2-story, 15,000 s.f. office headquarters located in Eugene, Oregon, a modern, minimalist landscape was developed that will provide visual interest throughout the year. Large drifts of low ornamental grasses, swoops of native plants, and an allee of jaqumonti birch will be key elements when the landscape is implemented.

This new apartment complex is located within close proximity to the river in the emerging St John’s neighborhood.  A very large central courtyard will be the visual focal point of the project.  The courtyard will be open to residents and the neighborhood as well.

North Williams
Located in North Portland between North Vancouver and North Williams Avenue, this five-story, 140-unit, U-shaped multi-family building will feature a large central courtyard and roof deck amenity area.

Sky Harbor
Located within the North Harbour development, along the future 40-mile loop trail in North Portland, this project consists of (2) new 6-story apartment buildings.  The intent of the landscape design is to create a sustainable, aesthetically pleasing environment that compliments the building and enhances pedestrian & resident experience. The primary landscape areas are the entry courtyard, streetscape, and (2) large roof deck that offer river views.