Private Gardens

Completed in conjunction with Scott Edwards Architecture, this new Skyline residence features a unique entry garden that is viewed from an entry ramp and the house itself.  The garden visually screens interior rooms of the residence and provides an interesting solution to site runoff.

westmoor-residenceWestmoor Residence
The owners of this Portland Mid-Century Modern home needed spaces for relaxing and entertaining. A stone water feature incorporates colored glass while a custom gas firepit ensures warmth on chilly evenings. Simple yet lush gardens surround these living spaces.

Located within a 125-acre vineyard in Yamhill County, Oregon, this elegant outdoor environment consists of distinct terraces linked by a meandering series of ponds, streams and waterfalls. The main terrace located off of the great room consists of Pennsylvania bluestone paving, Montana sandstone walls, a separate wood burning fire pit area, a custom stone hot tub and a stone-lined stream. The focal point of the lower terrace is a water wall which the upper stream gently flows over and a pond which evolves into a dynamic second stream and a lower pond.  All plantings are very naturalistic to blend with the viticulture environment.

house5105HOUSE 5105
A minimalist landscape in terms of form, texture, and variety was developed for this 18,000 square foot house located on 35-acres in Hillsboro, Oregon. To complement the clean modern design of the residence and the rural character of the site, a landscape was carefully developed along the entrance drive, entry gardens, pool terraces, and surrounding areas.

vista houseVISTA
For this Portland classic home, a formal landscape was created that extended the architecture of the residence into the adjacent garden areas.

hillside residenceHILLSIDE RESIDENCE
Located within the west hills of Portland, Oregon, a modernistic landscape was developed for this sloping 3-acre site. Masses of low evergreens, hedges of bamboo, swoops of ornamental grasses, and basalt boulders were used to create a contemporary garden design that reflects the architecture of this modern home designed by TVA Architects.

crane houseCRANE HOUSE
This one-acre site, located directly on the Pacific Ocean in Timber Grove, California, was intended to be a weekend family retreat for its Bay Area owners.

bend residenceBEND RESIDENCE
Located on the well-respected Crosswater golf course, this two acre vacation home site is located adjacent to Sun River, Oregon. The landscape was designed to be low maintenance, naturalistic, and beautiful year-round. To achieve this goal, large groupings of aspen trees, native shrubs, and native grasses were used throughout the site. Bluestone pavers and basalt boulders were used to create an entry court and family gathering space off of the home’s great room.

columbia river houseCOLUMBIA RIVER
A bold minimalist style landscape was developed for this new elegant modern home located on the Columbia River. An entry boardwalk bridges over a large stormwater planter which is the exterior visual focal point of the garden. Within the planter large windswept basalt boulders are located to help mitigate grades and for visual interest. A single plant material, dwarf redtwig dogwood, fills the basin with ever-changing seasonal color.  The remainder of the garden consists of large swaths of various ornamental grasses and low maintenance native vegetation.