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PCC Child Development Center


SD created interactive, nature-based playscapes promoting learning, development, and exploration. SD took a sustainable approach for this project, repurposing natural materials including logs, boulders, and stone walls. Multi-sensory play elements are woven into the fabric of the play spaces from synthetic turf mounds, a chalkboard, log jams, boulder terrain, sand pits, balance wall, and outdoor gardens. Kids can navigate multi-textured paths like racing each other on the trike track, using winding walls as balance beams, walking along a wooden boardwalk, and playing on rubber surfacing. Along with these playful elements, kids can learn about native and edible plants by cultivating and nurturing their own gardens on site.

It’s a fun, energizing, open and friendly space.

PCC Rock Creek Child Development Center - Shapiro Didway

There are seating areas for outdoor education and there are stepping services for motor skills play. We tried to allow the outdoor area to be a fluid environment for the kids to run around and play in.

PCC Rock Creek - Shapiro Didway
PCC Rock Creek - Shapiro Didway

We designed a varied outdoor learning environment to give the kids play options on different surfaces.

PCC Rock Creek Child Development Center - Shapiro Didway




Nature Play, Infant Play Area, Parking & Perimeter Plantings, Accessibility, Inclusive Design, Sustainability


Portland, OR


Portland Community College



Earth Advantage


Scott Edwards Architecture, Humber Design Group, WDY Inc.