SD Welcomes Rain Butler

Rain Butler

I’ve worked hands-on in landscaping and that experience in the field has been essential to understanding what it takes to input a landscape that you’re designing.

SD is excited to introduce our newest addition to the team, Rain Butler. Rain is a recent graduate from the UC Davis Landscape Design program. Butler has a special interest in user psychology in the landscape, studying how people often use public spaces in creative ways.

“I love the sociology and psychology of how people use a space, often in ways that a designer could never anticipate. I love observing the little details of how people interact with spaces and using that as inspiration,” says Butler.

“I’m interested in incorporating habitat into the landscapes that I help design, creating space for pollinators, for wildlife, and the opportunity to educate about the important balance there,” says Butler.

Butler brings with her an excitement for public work and community-driven projects. She recently joined the SD project teams for Tualatin’s Veterans Plaza and Trillium Lake Boardwalk Segments in Mt. Hood National Forest.

Outside of work, Butler is found practicing her creative flexibility; collaging, making jewelry, wood-burning, and playing guitar.

I love the variety of projects here…education, residential, multi-family housing, environmental, community…I feel like the opportunity to grow and learn here is huge.