Redding School of the Arts

Redding School of the Arts
Redding, CA

We were hired to design an interactive landscape for the Redding School of the Arts, a K-8 arts charter school located in California. The sustainable landscape incorporates native plants, reclaimed rain water, traffic calming elements, and natural shade to mitigate the area’s intense sunlight. Extensive efforts were made to save the site’s numerous Blue Oaks and incorporate them into the overall campus design. The campus centerpiece is a discovery playground built upon a dynamic design structure of overlapping circles, providing the framework for a variety of unique, safe and fun play experiences. The playground is loosely organized into three areas: one for K-4 kids, another for grades 5-8, and a shared area for all ages. A series of outdoor classrooms and courtyard spaces provides students with opportunities for experiential learning and connects inside spaces with the surrounding landscape outside.

Size: 15 acres
Consultant Team: Trilogy Architecture
Sustainability: LEED Platinum