We approach each project with the same focus:

To balance art and design, to create an experience, and to make something with a shared purpose.

We work to create a truly collaborative approach to landscape architecture that benefits the community via innovative placemaking, and benefits our practice via shared support and growth.

Our process works to remove barriers to communal creative thinking and success, for ourselves and our clients.

Our goal is always to exceed expectations while promoting social responsibility and environmental stewardship.


Shapiro Didway is committed to environmental sustainability.

Our internal processes are designed to reduce our natural resources impact, both in how we run our business and the work that we create.

Our portfolio includes 50+ LEED, Target LEED and EA developments. We see this as just the beginning.

It is our policy to recommend native and climate adaptive, drought tolerant plant species; locally made products; new technologies that mitigate environmental impacts; and the reuse of site materials whenever possible.

Our collaborative internal culture is designed to establish a sustainable commitment by all employees.

This commitment is ongoing, ever-evolving and a central part of who we are.

Diversity + Inclusion

Community is at the heart of everything we do.

Our community is diverse and inclusive with justice and equity for all. We value varied backgrounds and perspectives. Both in our work, and how we work, our goal is to welcome all, celebrate our differences and build a community that’s designed for everyone.

To make a space, a place.
To make an environment an experience.
To balance art and design, the living
world and the human world.

To make something
sharing a purpose.
An experience.
a creative expression.
A community.

To build something that goes
above and beyond expectations.
And makes a lasting impression.
That’s what we do.