Lush green grasses and flowers line paved pathways to offices


Columbia Tech Center Offices


SD created a modern and elegant landscape solution for workspaces on PacTrust’s Columbia Tech Center Offices. Our goal was to encourage work-life integration and create a welcoming work environment with inviting outdoor areas for meetings and events. Creating connections to surrounding areas and trail systems promotes an active and healthy work environment. We worked closely with the design team to develop stormwater solutions to manage rainwater runoff. The Columbia Tech Center Offices are located on the campus trail network. The site plan incorporates additional connections to the trail system to improve circulation and access for pedestrians and bicyclists.

It was important to create a strong visual character to enhance the work environments for businesses moving into Columbia Tech Center.

Columbia Tech Center Offices - Shapiro Didway

The tech companies moving into Columbia Tech Center offices understand the value of promoting employee wellness. Users are able to achieve respite outdoors when their work environment offers communal open spaces and connectivity to the trail system.

CTC Office Landscape - Shapiro Didway

We tied into the simplistic character of the architecture in creating a statement piece for future business development.

Columbia Tech Center Offices - Shapiro Didway




Circulation & Connectivity, Accessibility, Stormwater


Vancouver, WA