Stoneridge Park - Concept A


Stoneridge Park


Shapiro Didway led public outreach efforts with the City of Tualatin to reimagine Tualatin’s .23-acre ‘pocket park’ with the surrounding community. The bilingual outreach approach provided opportunities for the large Spanish-speaking population in the neighborhood to participate in efforts to decide on new amenities as prioritized by the community. Utilizing feedback collected through public outreach, our team developed design alternatives to be developed into construction documents.

The community requested several features be included in the new park design, including play structures, swings, nature play pieces, a sports court, seating, tables, and chairs, a climbing feature, art, and a splash pad. For children, an exciting feature was the water feature, “Los chorritos”. For teenagers, the sports court, alternative play elements, and the art component grabbed. The climbing wall/features were also a big attraction. Adults were excited about the street art. They also liked the play structure for children and the seating areas for themselves.

For children, one of the most exciting features was the water feature, ‘Los chorritos.' Their eyes lighted up as they saw the images of the water feature in design alternatives.

Stoneridge Park Community Outreach

By connecting with the community, we produced an interesting, compelling design through this public engagement process...

The parks system really belongs to the community members, so the direct desires and needs of the community are what is reflected in the design.

Stoneridge Park - Public Outreach Chalk Activity


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