Willamette River Greenway


Willamette River Greenway Trail Segments


SD worked on the development of various segments of Portland’s Willamette River Greenway trail. We established a 16 ft wide concrete trail along the river and the east side of the apartments to allow for year-round pedestrian and bicyclist accessibility. A segment of the trail was widened even further for a roundabout and custom bench seating, which encourages pedestrians to pause and take in views of the Willamette River. The Greenway trail is lined with minimalist, low-energy use bollard lights. To enhance the existing habitat along the trail and river, invasive vegetation was removed and replaced with native shrubs and trees. Planting from the trail to the building’s edge featured naturalistic swoops, native plantings, and local evergreens to maintain a cohesive and unified planting design.

We wanted to honor the City’s goal of protecting and enhancing river viewpoints, incorporating seating and gathering areas into the design.

Willamette River Greenway Trail Segment

We worked on plans for habitat restoration, removing invansive species and selecting native plant species to restore along the river corridor.

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SERA Architects, City of Portland