Celebrating Work Anniversaries in July

Three of our team members are celebrating work anniversaries this month!

Kealin Freund joined our team 3 years ago as a Landscape Architect. She excels at revitalizing and re-envisioning sites as functional community gathering hubs, on community-driven projects such as the City of Tualatin’s Veterans Plaza at Tualatin Commons and Al Griffin Memorial Park Master Plan in Bay City.

“I discovered Landscape Architecture as an undergrad…it combined areas I was interested in, the creative and the logical, I was drawn to it because it’s a way to make the world a better place,” says Freund.

Kealin Freund

Jesse Conner is a Landscape Designer celebrating 1 year at Shapiro Didway. His design style is informed by his aptitude for integrating art with the built and natural environments, his eye for landscape photography, and his understanding of diverse cultures and communities.

“I get to have a positive effect on communities, and I get to do it through permanent, large-scale improvements to a space,” says Conner, “It’s tangible, it’s physical, it’s going to be used and it’s going to be looked at…and it’s going to be there, possibly, after I’m gone. And it’s not about one person doing it, we’re doing it together as a firm.”

Jesse Conner

Maggie Denham is our Marketing Coordinator & Designer celebrating 3 years on our team. She specializes in bringing modern design solutions to organize information in inviting ways for proposals and client deliverables.

“It’s great working with other creative people who have a design sense. I admire everyone I work with and their ability to marry design with the natural world in a way that’s environmentally sustainable. It’s fun to see design from that perspective,” says Denham.

Jesse Conner