Welcoming Greg Carlson to our Team

The most important thing to me is working well as a team. Having good relationships with the people I work with is fundamental.

We are excited to welcome Greg as a new landscape designer to the SD team.

Carlson reports: “It feels great to work on a team that priorities autonomy. It is understood that no drawing is ever perfect – we are just working together to get each project to the place it needs to be.”

Greg is a landscape designer in practice since 2011. He brings an architectural perspective and expertise in REVIT/BIM to his work, with previous experience working for architecture firms in Portland, Oregon and Bainbridge Island in Washington.

Through his work he explores the idea of private/public interface – how the outdoor spaces surrounding building can serve as a communal space, and where the technical and artistic aspects of design crossover.

“Outdoor public spaces that are inhabited in a communal way are the spaces that I like to have access to when I’m out in the world and are the spaces that I most like to design. You can impact the most people with an exterior environment,” says Carlson.

Outside of work, Greg volunteers for community projects including DePave, Piano, Push, Play, and designing homeless shelter pod build concepts.

Going through the process, coming up with an idea, making it fit within certain parameters, and doing it efficiently is all part of the way I like to approach landscape architecture and everything. Landscape architecture is the blend of the technical and art worlds – and that mix is what I enjoy most about it.